Anonymous asked:

This is a weird question but how do you like... Keep the integrity/flow/looseness of a really cool sketch and make Something "finished" with it? I can't make finished-looking things without it looking overdone and Fakey? But at the same time I can't do sketches forever. Do you have any tips or advice to like, Making actual finished work that still retains a fluid feeling? I'm sorry if this question is very weird! I just have a difficult Time making Something ican put into portfolios.

Oh, I actually feel sometimes I can’t achieve that. It’s pretty difficult to keep the freshness from sketch to finish - this is a widely debated/written about topic, in fact (I think maybe someone wrote about it in Muddy Colors at some point).

Personally, I guess I work in a way that makes my line work fairly clean, and I actually like my sketchy lines to be a bit visible in the final. I never ink anything. I try to pay attention to my line value, so even those wispy sketchy lines are pleasant to the eye. I’ve spoken before about how I colour my lines, which I feel also helps bring the whole thing together.

And actually, even though I love colour, I often like peoples’ sketches more than their finished work! 

I guess I’d suggest working on your line value, so you can go from sketch to final without much editing. And do your best to colour/paint your work in a way that complements your lines. Not sure that’s much help, but I hope it’s something!